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Forethought Medicare Supplement Plans

What do Forethought Medicare Supplement Plans Cover?

Forethought Medicare Supplement plans are some of the most common Medicare supplement plans available. Forethought Medigap plans are relatively new to the marketplace but offer very competitive rates from a high-rated company. Since Medicare Supplements are standardized you can rest assured knowing that ALL medicare supplement companies are required by law to offer the same coverage layouts.

Basically what this means is that a Forethought Medicare Plan F is the same as a Plan F sold through a different company. The only difference between medicare supplement plans is the price or premium, and the company’s reputation, both of which Forethought excels in.

ALL Forethought Medicare Supplement plans must cover what Medicare considers “basic benefits”. Medicare considers these “basic benefits” to include the 20% that medicare does not pay to doctors and hospitals. Nearly all of the Forethought medicare plans also cover Medicare’s deductibles.

Currently the deductibles for Medicare Supplement Plans are:

Part A: $1,132/benefit period for 2011.
Part B: $162/year for 2011.

In addition to the primary medicare benefits, there are some additional benefits offered by Forethought medicare supplement plans. Some of the additional benefits include: Skilled Nursing Facility coinsurance, Part B excess charges, hospice coinsurance, foreign travel emergencies, and more..

How Do Forethought Medigap Plans Work?

Forethought Medigap plans being Federally-standardized function like all the other Medicare supplement plans sold through other companies. Basically with Forethought Medicare supplement you can visit any doctor or hospital, your claims will be automatically handled via Medicare. There are no networks, which makes this plan extremely easy to use.

It’s important when signing up for Medicare Supplemental plans that you know when your open enrollment period is. If you’re already over 65 and have Medicare Part B, you whould try to signup during one of the “guaranteed issue” periods. You can find out when you might be elligible for a change by calling one of our friendly Medicare specialists at: (866)866-7951. During these open-enrollment, and “guaranteed issue” periods you will not be made to answer any health questions or pay more for pre-existing conditions.

Generally medicare supplement open enrollment starts the first day of the month that you are both 65 and on Medicare Part B. This period lasts just 6 months. Many companies will allow you to signup as much as 6 months early prior to your Medicare start date. “Guaranteed issue” periods occur when you leave employer-based coverage or lose coverage by moving out of state or region. There are some other circumstances that can qualify you for “guaranteed issue” to find these out it is best that you call us and talk to one of our support staff today.

What makes Forethought Medicare Supplement a Good Option for Your Health Care Needs?

Forethought Medicare has many great things going for it and is a great option for Medicare Supplement insurance. Forethought is the price leader in many areas around the country. Since plans are standardized and because of Forethought’s ‘A’ rating the rates are generally lower which makes this a great option. If you already have Medicare advantage or medicare supplement you may like to compare your current medicare rates every 2-3 years to ensure that you always have the best plan at the best possible price.

How do I Learn more or Enroll in a Forethought Medicare Supplement Plan

The best thing you can do is to give Complete Solutions a call right now. We can help you compare plans with many different medicare carriers. We are licensed with many different carriers, which means we don’t just represent Forethought medicare supplement plans, and can help you find the best plan and price from multiple companies.

Get your Forethought Medicare Supplement Quote Now, or call us at toll free: 1(866)866-7951.

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