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Coventry Medicare Plans

Coventry Health Care was established in 1986 to provide managed health care services. Coventry offers members wide choices and high standards of care at affordable rates that seniors on a fixed income can feel comfortable with. Coventry has grown dramatically since it’s launch in 1986 and has become a Fortune 500 company which now employs over 10,000 people nationwide!

Coventry was one of the first approved Medicare Part D providers offering prescription drug benefits, which it began offering in January of 2006. Coventry then added PFFS plans (Private-fee-for-service plans) in 2007, which added to the choices and options available for Medicare beneficiaries.

Coventry has a few distinct Medicare Plans which include: Advantra, Advantra Freedom, AdvantraRx, and Advantra Savings.

“Advantra” by Coventry is a Medicare Advantage Insurance plan that combines Medicare Part A(hospital), Medicare Part B(Medical Insurance), and Medicare Part D(prescription drug coverage) into an amazing plan that also features an in/out of network structure found in PPOs and HMOs which provides convenience when choosing a healthcare provider.

Coventry’s Private-Fee-For-Serice or PFFS plan is called “Advantra Freedom” and it provides the basic Medicare benefits, but also covers prevantative care such as dental, vision, and hearing. You have a lot more freedom with this plan and can see any provider who accepts Medicare patients and the Coventry terms and conditions for payments.

Coventry also has a prescription drug only plan called “AdvantraRx” which is setup to help seniors save considerable amounts on prescription drugs.

For seniors on a tight budget the “Advantra Savings” plan can help give you more control and power over your out-of-pocket costs. Advantra savings is a high-deductible plan that protects you from catastrophic medical costs but lets you use tax-free savings to pay for medical expenses.

Determining if Coventry’s plans will fit your needs, as well as if they are the best fit for your personal health care situation is a complicated process. That’s why our Medicare Support team is here to help answer all your questions about the many different Medicare companies and plans available. Call us now to discuss your options: 1(866)866-7951 or Get Your Free Medicare Quote.

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